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Hi, I have a day old chick , that mom pecked out of the egg.. On hatch day. Maybe to help her, I'm not sure. When I found her, I seen blood on her behind area.. I knew this chick was taking her last few breaths, so I microwaved a towel and took it in home with me as mommy hen was pecking at it.. I acted in this way as I couldn't bare having chick cold and been pecked at while it was dying.. After ten minutes the lil one started to fight against going to sleep forever.. I put her under a heat lamp at 92°f.. I'd noticed her bum area very swollen and very black with dry blood, not at the vent though.. Within 3 hours it's like the chick developed, one eye opened, she could breath with her beak closed. I chanced some sugar and water by the tiniest drops. 7 hours later both eyes open, chirping, taking fluids frequently and done it's first poop which looked very slimy and very bright green.. I stayed up the last 36 hours with it and iv seen improvement after improvement, but then again I first nursed it while it was dying so any little step forward with it is the most magical thing to me.. Iv read hours of posts and threads online to see if someone had explained the black to me.. It's the only thing that has not improved.. The lil one pooped 3 times, first was green and slimy, second and third were hard and black.. She's alert, pecking at chicken crumb that I soaked and mashed.. I feel bad that I think I'm keeping it alive and prolonging the pain, if she is in pain, but everything in me, every sign the lil one gives tells me she's fighting to live for herself too. Can any one relate in anyway, give me any good advice or help me find out why her behind area is black?
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It does not sound like she is in pain. You may want to post about your chick in the Emergencies section of the Forum, along with a clear picture of the injury. Good luck.
it's a good thing you took her away - not all hens make good mothers - she probably would have killed the chick. I hope the emergencies thread can figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. Sounds like little chick has quite a will to live.
Thank you all so much for the welcome.. nursing my little one is so emotionally draining but every second she is with me is so rewarding.. I have posted in emergency, thank you for the information. to keep ye posted, here is a picture of what I am talking about. chick is so alert and curious today, it is lovely to see. I have wet the bum a little so the colour could be portrayed a bit more.

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