Day old chick got chomped- what can I do?

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  1. Yesterday My broody hatched seven little blue laced red wyandottes. We moved the new family to the coop and everything seemed fine.
    I went to work and as soon as I got home today I had to check on my brand new BLRW babies. 6 were under their mom doing fine.... one was off, alone, by my little pen about 75' away from the others. It wasn't peeping for help or moving much at the time... something chomped it. Poor little thing has a big bloody dent on each side of its head just behind the eyes. Its a little shaky on its feet (at this age they are all a little wobbly, but this one stumbles more than normal) and I have only gotten it to open one eye half way in short bits. Right now its napping in the front of my dress because mommy bit at it when we tried to return it and with its trouble walking and closed eyes I knew it wouldn't last long. I have tied to get it to eat some egg yolk (I added water to make a paste) and drink some water. It took a few drops of each and began to fuss and complain more... like a lively healthy chick would if you held it down and smeared its beak with stuff. It is currently trying to escape from my dress and seems to have lots of fight in it. I have a reptile heat pad in a plastic tote for it to sleep in tonight... but tomorrow I have to work and then I am heading up north (4 hour road trip) to spend a busy weekend doing all sorts of non-chick friendly things. I will take it with if its what I have to do to save it, but I fear by the time I get back the mother won't take it back even if I get it rehabilitated. I don't want to take another chick from my hen to keep it company, but I don't want to raise a lonely little chick... I am not even sure what else I can do for a 24 hour old chick who can't see. I think if it makes it through the night it will recover, but I do not really have the ability to keep up a special needs chick. I work in an open office...I can't keep it with me. A few days I can do, but after that, what do I do?
    Anyone out there have tips? Has anyone else had a chick with a chomped head recover?

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    it could very well have been momma that went at the chick, hard to say for sure, in any event the momma won't take it back anyhow, she already pecked at it. best bet is like you said find it a friend to be raised with so its not lonely. the heat pad will be great, but you really need to be sure that the temp is right, they need 95 degrees right now, but I am sure you already know that part. If it makes it through the night, which sounds he or she will, make sure the chick knows where the food and water is and it should be fine. you could ask a friend to watch your chick for you while you are away. I get my chicks at 2 days old and they all know what to do once I show them where the food and water is.

    good luck, and keep us posted :)
  3. It sound like the mother has rejected this chick for what ever reason, she must feel it was "normal" I doesn't want this chick and will not care for it either.
    Mother hens know when something is wrong with there offsprings, even before we pick up on it. Looks like you could try raising this one with out the mother. Time will tell if the chick heals or is this the begining of the chick going down hill. I hope things get turned around and this little chicks gets well soon. [​IMG]

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