Day-old chick has what looks like wry neck... but is that possible?


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May 18, 2017
Hello everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster!

Our cochin, a 3-time mom, hatched five babies yesterday. One of them has a bent neck that, if it were a little bit older, I'd assume was wry neck. But day-olds don't get wry neck, do they??

Mama has accepted it fine, and it's able to eat and drink. I figured it might just have had a tough hatch, and gave it some PolyViSol... wondering if there's anything else y'all recommend I should be doing. Thank you!

PS - I can share a photo if that would be helpful!


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May 18, 2017
A pic would definitely be helpful!

Here you go! In the second one, she's closest to mama hen; you can see the way she holds her head lopsided.


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Could be vitamin deficiency. It is also possible she was at the outer edge and the humidity was a bit funky for hatching, but my broodies seem to do well with hatching humidity...I never worry about it.

I agree, Chick Saver in the water. You can give a bit extra for a couple of days for a "loading dose" then scale back. If it is vitamin deficiency (usually E for neck I believe, and you also need selenium and B's), the chick will rally quickly.

Some wry neck is genetic and there is little you can do about that then.

Good luck with it.


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