Day old chick - tiny with messy unabsorbed mass

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    I had a chick hatch yesterday who is very very small, i'm not sure what is wrong with it but its feet are tiny, its head is pretty much normal size and its neck is so thin and flimsy that it almost cant hold its head up. It hatched all by itself but just flops around on its belly mostly, but at the same time has some strength and is trying its best to get around. I put it in a cup with wet paper towel in the bator to try and prop its head up but all it kept doing was climbing out! What worries me the most is the messy looking attachment it has to its abdomen, I know they can absorb this as they get stronger/older, but this is actually quite bloody (but not bleeding, just moist) and i think maybe the other chicks have damaged it. Any suggestions as to what i can do? I gave it some sugar water earlier to see if it would give it some more strength which i think it did, but if it doesn't make it then I suppose it was never ment to be. Should I leave it in the bator and just see how it goes? Or should i take it out and take more drastic action? Not sure what else to do - this is my first not quite right chick. If it makes it - it will be fondly known as NQR, but i dont have high hopes sadly [​IMG]

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    Maybe in a couple days, its body will grow to more normal proportions--It may just be "preemie" but be fine once it's more developed. I dip bloody navels in Aeromycin powder (It's an antibiotic you can get for about $5 US at a feed store). That helps heal & harden them.
    The moist paper towel & sugar water sound like good measures. It sounds to me like you're giving good care.
    Best wishes with the little guy!

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