Day old chick with no balance


5 Years
Apr 20, 2014
Hello, this is my very first post (although I have been following these forums for years) and unfortunately it's not a happy post. I brought home two silkie chicks yesterday from a local feed store whom were either just hatched or day old . One of the chicks hasn't been doing so great ever since I brought him (or her) home. He's having a hard time keeping his balance. Even when he just stands there, he'll sway or keep his head down. Not drinking on his own and not eating either. I did give him water by a syringe most of the night and now this morning added some sugar. He also has neon green diarrhea, which I read about in adult chickens but no info on babies. The other silkie is doing great. Active, eating, chirping. The healthy chick even seems to nudge the sick one towards the food/water. Fortunately I kept them separate from my other 3 day old chicks. It's super sad and since it's Easter (happy Easter by the way) all my local stores are closed to pick up Tylan or other solutions. I did just read about a homemade electrolyte solution in a previous post so I will probably try that next. No pasty butt on him and is barely opening his eyes. Thank you for any help. I have had several years of healthy chickens and it's awful to see a lethargic sick chick!
Apparently no one had any advice to give. I gave electrolytes and made a porridge out of the crumbles as well. The chick passed away this afternoon for those may be going through the same thing. Hopefully you may get some advice in time.
Welcome to BYC. So sorry that your chick died. This was probably not the best day to have had to post for help because of the holiday. You did exactly the right thing for your chick by giving it the electrolyte solution. Bantams and silkies are delicate, and many chicks will suffer from shipping stress. Other than forcing fluids and keeping them warm, there isn't much else to do or reverse the stress. I hope you will continue to post your questions on here--mornings and evenings before 10 PM EDT are usually good times to get answers--weekends and nights are slow. Good luck with your other chicks.

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