Day old chick wont put weight on foot

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    Dec 6, 2014
    Hi everyone. we just hatched our first chicks and one is not bearing weight on one foot. it is not spradle leg or curled toes. i felt for a slipped tendon and didnt find anything. she will hop along on one foot and the toes of her hurt leg if she really wants something otherwise she just lays there watching the others. I cant seem to find the problem. i gave them vitamins in their water and she seems more lively now but still not bearing weight. she is a little smaller than the others but is otherwise normal. any suggestions? i will post pics later when my phone charges. thanks in advance!
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Just make sure it is on a non-slip surface. Hopefully with time it will improve. Leg bone deformities can be common. Many are valgus/varus deformities as well as other problems, and many become worse with age if the hock tendon ruptures. Vitamins are a good idea. Here are some links to read: disorders in poultry.pdf Varus Leg Deformities in Poultry.pdf

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