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    Hi ya'll , my ag teacher is raising chicks for our biology class but she put the 30 eggs in a couple weeks ago . . . she was hoping that with parent approval and signed permission the kids could take a couple chicks home to raise as laying hens but our school is out in a few weeks so they wont hatch by then and No one is interested . . . except for me lol [​IMG] She has a mixed assortment and I am thinking about picking out 5 when they hatch. I am a family friend of my teacher so when schools over and she takes the bator home she said when they hatch i could have as many as i like. my question is she has a few blue & green eggs in the bator . . so assuming there EE's or ameracaunas I def. would like some . . how do i tell which ones they are when they hatch? Also what do they need right away when i bring them home ? Thanks everyone ! I am so excited ! My sister will also be getting a few as her birthday surprise [​IMG] her birthday is on the last day of school so it will be just in time [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    EE's have green legs most of the time that's probably the easiest way to tell the difference

    when you bring them home they are going to need a brooder. they are going to be young so they still need a heat lamp and access to fresh water and chick starter feed constantly.

    good luck and have fun chicks are addicting.
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    Quote:Take a look at this for tips on caring for day old chicks.

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