Day-old chicks- BC Marans and Olive Eggers **ship 1-24**

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    This listing is for day old chicks to be sent to a location that is a one day journey from my zip to yours (email or private message me your zipcode so I can check before you purchase)

    PLEASE NOTE that shipping fees are ALREADY INCLUDED in the buy it now price.

    I expect to be able to send you:
    10 of our Black Copper Marans, (Wade Jean C1 bloodline)

    5 Olive Eggers (cross of our Black Copper Marans roo and a black Ameraucana hen)

    1-3 extra bc Marans depending on how many hatch out

    These chicks have a ship date of January 24, 2012. (TOMORROW)

    Payment must be made IMMEDIATELY in order to ship this hatch. Email or private message me with your name, address with zipcode,and phone number. I will check your zipcode and temperatures and if all is well I will send you my paypal address to send payment to.

    Our Black Copper Marans are of the Wade Jean C1 bloodlines which yield the nice terra cotta colored eggs. The dark egg photo was taken in October so that you can see the shades of the eggs we are hatching right now. As these same hens continue to lay, their eggs will gradually get lighter and lighter. Some of our eggs are solid, some appear to be "painted," and some are speckled.

    Our flock is closed, so these birds have not been exposed to any other Marans bloodlines.
    This stock truly has a gentle temperament. My kids can even handle the roosters.

    Feathering on the shanks meets the French Standard, not too heavy, not light, but moderate. Perfect for a breeding program, personal pets, and to add those beautiful and SUPER FUN dark shades to your egg basket! The kids will LOVE them!

    These chicks are sold straight run-as they are too young to sex. You should be able to tell the males from the females at 6-8 weeks of age.

    Our flocks have been tested and approved by the Texas Pullorum-Typhoid Program. As required by law, I will provide you with a copy of this report.

    My shipping fees includes expedited express mail shipping rates through the USPS (which usually delivers in a day but can take two days depending on your location), the $3.00 Paypal charges for your payment, and the cost of the chick shipping box.

    I accept payment via Paypal and will need a current confirmed address as well as a PHONE NUMBER for the post office to call you at when the chicks arrive. If you do not include your phone number, I CANNOT ship the chicks. The chicks will be HELD AT THE POST OFFICE for you to come pick up so that they do not have to spend several more hours in transit on a mail truck.

    Please contact me with any questions. First come, first served. Once these sell, anyone else interested can send payment to reserve my next available hatch at the time.


    I have included photos of my actual birds and eggs so that you can see how beautiful and healthy they are.
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