Day old chicks from exhibition quality parents

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    Dec 8, 2009
    We are now accepting orders for day old chicks. All chicks are $6 each. Express mail postage is $35. All chicks are straight run. All chicks are hatched from the same breeding pens we raise our own show birds from. We have been breeding exhibition,heritage poultry for over 50 years. We will ship as few as 12 chicks.If ordering less than 20 please add $7 for heat packs. Most breeds are available now. Pictures of most varieties can be seen at""
    We are offering the following large fowl:
    Silver Penciled Rocks
    Partridge Rocks
    Red Dorkings
    Silver Gray Dorkings
    White Crested Black Polish
    Blue Andalusian
    Silver Laced Wyandotte
    Rose Comb Rhode Island Red
    Single Comb Rhode Island Red
    Blue Orpington

    Barred Rock
    White Rock
    Dark Brahma
    Buff Brahma
    Columbian Cochin
    Lavender Modern Game
    Mille Fleur D Uccle
    White D Uccle
    White Crested Black Polish
    Bearded Silver Polish

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