If you are going to get feed today (within the next few hours) I wouldn't sweat it, just put some water in there for them and go get feed - they won't perish before ya get back.

Yep - put the water in their brooder, dip their beaks to accustom them to the water and get them drinking and they will be just fine without food for even another day.

You're good - stop panicking now
When I was younger we stared all our chicks on rolled oats and gradually weaned them over to the home ground starter feed mix we used. The oatmeal is a good thing to know in case of an emergency such as tonkatuff has.
THANKS EVERYONE! So they were fine by the time I got back but boy were they excited about that chcik feed! These are my 1st "baby babies" as last year i bought them when they were a few weeks old already... so worried I'll lose some... they are a mixed flock and one breed(delawares) is much bossier than the others, pecking & trampling some of the others! They keep it up & they will be 4-sale!

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