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    Up for auction: day old Japense Coturnix quail chicks. These will be ready to lay in 8 weeks, to process in 7, and lay an egg a day until they die!

    What if some die in transit?

    We are confident they won't, but just in case, we always include 25% extra in the box to account for losses.

    How can we offer free shipping?

    We know how to ship chicks affordably and effectively. Each box of chicks will have a warmer in case of chills, gro-gel for their journey, and the yolk that they absorb before they hatch. They will be shipped express mail, so they will be at your house in less than 36 hours!

    We currently have the following weeks available for shipment.

    Week of:

    May 2
    May 9
    May 23
    May 30

    June 6
    June 13
    June 20
    June 27

    July 5
    July 11
    July 18
    July 25

    August 1
    August 8
    August 15
    August 22
    August 29

    September 5
    September 12
    September 19
    September 26

    Here are some pictures of the quail, both chicks and adults. You will be shipped any of the varieties hatching, including:


    [​IMG] Manchurian Hen
    [​IMG] Chicks
    [​IMG] Chicks
    [​IMG] Chicks
    [​IMG] Chicks
    [​IMG] Manchurian Hen
    [​IMG] Eggs
    [​IMG] Tuxedo
    [​IMG] Pharaoh
    [​IMG] Pharaoh
    [​IMG] Pharaoh
    [​IMG] Manchurians and Tibetans
    [​IMG] Manchurians and Tibetans

    For more pictures, visit our site:

    Standard British Ranfe
    Rosetta British Range
    English White
    Rosetta Tuxedo
    Red tuxedo

    Or more rare varieties.

    Note: minimum order is 50.

    50 quail: $1.50 each with free shipping
    100 quail: $1.00 each with free shipping

    Order now to ensure you get your quail! Payment is required in advance.

    With each order, we include a packet from the USDA and APHIS regarding flock bio-security and NPIP certification. We also include information from our farm on how to raise your quail, and next steps.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Sent you an email a while back and called, never heard back from you.
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    Quote:Emailed you... [​IMG] Sorry it took so long!

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