Day old shippers from NM to NY dying off without obvious cause on day 2

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    Hey guys. I've used this hatchery numerous times during this time of year. I've never had a problem. One time I had half a dozen dead cochins because theyre just so darn delicate. But this time....

    I ordered 48 birds, plus the fillers they throw in the box. half box. it shipped last wednesday 20th- hatch day. but the usps says they weren't notified of shipment pending until 21st, thursday. When i ordered they told me the last arrival date was friday. But friday came and went with no birds. I thought they were lost in the great midwest snow storm Q.

    Saturday they came. Hatch time is 10am on wednesday, I picked them up at 830 saturday. three full days in the cold. I had 12 dead birds of my 48. Salvaged a few with some sugar water from a dropper. But a couple hours later so the loss of 6 more. everyone that was left looked good. so, night time came and off I went to bed. this morning I woke to 6 dead chicks. Followed by a 7th an hour later, and though i've left the house and dont know if they've died yet another three were on their way out.

    of the 48+ chicks i had shipped to me there's only about 23 left. yay.

    My problem is I can't figure out why? This is my 7th time brooding out large mail orders. Never lost a bird out of the box- received dead ones, but never lost them. I've always nursed them back with sugar water and yogurt.

    I start with non treated chick feed, the edges of the brooder lighted area are at 93. Well water. Food. Bedding... everything is the same as always.

    is it the cold that these babies experienced the reason i'm losing so many? Why are they still dying?

    They get tired and fall asleep, end up on their sides and can't seem to wake up, and then next thing they're dead. No discharge.Their final moment is spent stretching out/cocking their heads as if in spasm. Gullets are not empty, and not overly full. so they are eating normally. no pasty butt.

    I looked up mericks but it doesn't match anything theyre doing really...


  2. Chicken Fruit

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    Feb 25, 2009
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  3. KatieBugg

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    I imagine the shipping stress and temps were just too much. We had a huge winter storm on the 21st go through the midwest that flat shut alot of things down so that may be why the days delay, which did not do the chicks any favors.
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    I think it's too early in the year to order that far away. I believe it is shipping stress. In the past, I let my local post office know, I don't care what time of day or night it is, call me ASAP when chicks arrive. I haven't ordered via mail that much, but I am always concerned until I get them in my possession.
  5. Chicken Fruit

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    If it was any other animal I'd call it failure to thrive. It's as if they're wasting. Even feather development- you know how its so profoundly fast at this stage- stops. THese are chicks that were at one point eating and drinking, and then stop, lay down and die.

    I've always ordered in winter here. This is actually late for me. Same hatchery. I've never had this problem. But I think you're right- I think its the storm.


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