day olds vs 'ready to lay' when buying 2 backyard birds???


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Jun 8, 2009
Okay, I'm not yet 100% settled on which: black sexed link or red sexed link.

However, after phoning my feed store just now I'm faced with another question.

These will be my two and only birds. (hens)
~ they'll be living in a small pen/coop
~ will in town with neighbours
~ and I am desiring friendly, easy-to-handle layer/pets

Would it be all right to get the 20 week old "ready to lay"ers and pass by the
five months of bother/time/money of starting with day-olds?

Like an older puppy would; will an older chick still bond and become accustomed to a
new living situation?

I need to order in the next couple of days for the next delivery date, so I'd truly
appreciate some advice!

Thank you.


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You can do it either way and expect them to settle in eventually. Most of us enjoy the day olds and they generally settle in quicker, because your brooder will be all they've even known.
Point of lay hens usually cost alot more, because of shipping charges.
I would make one suggestion, get three, not two. If you only have two hens and goodness forbid something happens to one of them, you'll be left with a very lonely bird that might not be all that accepting of a newbie bird. If you lose one but have three at least they'll still have each other. Just MHO.
Good luck with whatever you decide.


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Sep 22, 2009
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Chickens purchased older may or may not ever come to be "easily handled." I'm sure they'll learn to come running for treats or when you feed them - that's nearly instinctual once they figger out you're the Food Bringer.

If you get them as chicks, you will be handling them, and will have no other idea of what life is like (paraphrasing Gritsar).

My black sex-linked pullet has a LOT of red in her feathers, which I find to be very attractive. I mean, in contrast to the black. I dunno if red sex-links will color up differently or not.

(But isn't she pretty?)

Please, do get 3 hens. For the reasons gritsar mentioned.

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