Day run fencing ideas, and dogs......


5 Years
Apr 30, 2014
Hi, Never used this forum before but love BYC and search for info all the time. I have a specific Q about dogs though, so here goes.

I have a reasonable WIR but I like to get the hens out, especially when I am gardening or when there are piles of leaves around to scratch through. At the weekend a dog came into the garden and killed a hen before I could do anything. I think the kids may have left the gate open, but the boundary wall isn't really very high.

I had been thinking about getting some fencing (maybe some anti pigeon netting or an old trampoline net) so I can fence of areas of the garden to keep the hens away from precious plants. Now I am also thinking that if i'm going to let them out again I would like to have a temporary fence that will discourage a dog.

I don't think I need to stop it digging underneath, or tearing its way through as I would normally be around and could stop it given a bit of time.

Any ideas on how high the fence needs to be or other ideas on materials?

I have considered a covered run (tractor or similar) but some of the best areas are around trees and bushes where there is lots of soil to scratch through so a flexible solution would be better.

Any ideas?
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