Day Two of the "new" company

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    So I quit my job to start a cleaning company, something my husband and I can do together. The Army gave him enough when they booted him out for medical reasons that he doesn't have to work, and if we live cheap enough, I don't have to either. So it's a pretty good setting to experiment with opening a business. Before going legit, I wanted to see if there was a market for what I wanted to do. There is, since there are SO MANY empty houses. It's basically cleaning top to bottom houses that are not lived in, so that they are more presentable to go on the market.

    We started the first job yesterday. A sprawling, ancient apartment in a two family home. We got it half way done, same style we did for the military when we moved out of housing, top to bottom, every corner, every surface. The place had been smoked in, so all the walls even had to be gone over.

    It's very much improved! The property owner was astonished at the difference! I was too, when we first walked in... I was like... what can we really do with this place?

    After buying supplies, settling on a price everyone was happy with, and after doing the math, we are each making average money as long as it doesn't go into a 4 day thing. That's when we start losing money.

    I don't mind cleaning at all, and even though this was a tough house, it's going well. She has some carpet to replace, and some minor repairs, but it's coming together nice. She wants to do an open house this weekend. I hope it does well! It's either for rent, or for sale for the whole building. She's also a real estate agent, so there could be more houses from her.

    Working on a presentation and fliers to pass along to other agents that I know. After going legit I'll do some adds, online and then maybe the phone book.

    It's HARD work though. She had gone through another cleaner who thought it would be like dusting. Nope. It's elbow grease and DAYS. It's full on Spring Cleaning style.

    Now I need to line up some more jobs. Can't stop at one.
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    Good for you and good luck. Hope you stay busy and houses stay dirty [​IMG]
    You've got gumption and a goal [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Go get em tiger!! Sounds like a great idea, and a great job!
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    If you can, do some "before and after" pictures & maybe start a website. Good luck!
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    Jun 23, 2009
    good luck with your new adventure. sounds like you are off to a great start.
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    Vistaprint is a good source for getting your brochures, business cards, even yard signs. I have a quilting business and use them for everything.

    Good luck [​IMG] you'll be great!!
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    Good luck! Keep us posted. So nice to see such enthusiasm.
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    You might want to have two types of pricings; one for the type of cleaning you just provided (based, of course upon the size of the house or apartment) and a follow-up maintenance price--to do periodic routine dusting, vaccumming etc., until the property is sold or rented.
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    Wow, I need someone to tackle my house like that!
  10. Carols Clucks

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    Make sure you charge more than basic cleaning costs!

    You are making home owners/banks/etc Money! By making their property look good, even if they choose to replace stuff, they will get a better job done at a lower rate because the incoming repair people did not have to either clean prior to working or charge extra for the poor conditions

    Most cleaning companies come and just do a light once over. Kind of like the difference of the hotel maid making the bed after the last occupants and changing the sheets for you.

    My tip..............get a Wagner Power Steamer!,104796,747.html

    deep clean my rentals, over time I think I have lost a lot of my sense of smell from chemical cleaners, that steamer just uses water and it speeds up a lot of that elbow grease work. I paid $70 at Costco.

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