daylight hours


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Jun 12, 2009
i've actually left this as a reply in another thread, where i found all the answers i needed, sans one.
here it is:
our hens have stopped laying, we get 3 eggs a day & my 2 little girls eat 4 eggs a day..... so you can see our dilemma.
i'd like to encourage a bit more laying, with a bit of light. i was thinking a low-voltage light bulb, like a florescent (those crazy spiral ones, you know the type).
we have 11.2 hours between sunrise & set. if i were to use a simple 13w florescent- not sure what that converts to in light output vs. a conventional bulb- would that be sufficient?
i thought i would let it run for 1/2 before sunset for 3 hours total.


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Jul 6, 2010
Try a GE Bright Stick--I got my last one from WalMart. It is a bulb, rapid start fixture, cord and on/off switch all in one unit. Just plug it into a timer.

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