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    Jun 24, 2008
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    And I am very depressed about it. [​IMG]

    I know that having ideas and beliefs that are not main stream opens me up to discrimination and other social problems, but I was hoping my kids wouldn't suffer until they were older.

    Our family is not christian. I am aware that this is a predominantly christian nation and teach my kids accordingly. They know what it is and they know the basic constructs of christianity. But, at christmas one of DDs classmates asked her a direct question and DD apparently told her that she did not believe in god.

    Since then, this girl and several of her friends, have repeatedly gathered around DD to tell her that she was wrong and try to convince her that she has to believe as they do. This time they gave her "messages" from their parents which reduced her to tears. This is bullying.

    When I told DD she could believe as she wished and could decide to believe as they did - she said that to say that she did when she didn't would be lying and that that didn't seem much like what she understood to be Jesus' teachings.

    I am not sure how to handle this since I am afraid it will get worse if I say something to the school.
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    Aug 29, 2008
    i am going through the bullying thing too. contacting the school hasnt helped a whole lot though. is it happening after school? maybe you could walk her home or something. kids are so cruel! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Children are sooo cruel. [​IMG] These parents really need to talk to their children. My kids understand that everyone has different beliefs and all is acceptable. I don't know what other advice to give, because I would be concerned about telling the school too. It may make things worse. Hope it stops soon.. [​IMG]
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    Its sad how cruel children can be and apparently their parents dont think they are doing anything wrong. Some people are really out there to convert or recruit you. I dont know what your beliefs are but could your daughter reply to them that she has her own religion or beliefs. I found with my son being bullied that the more he walked away and showed them he wasnt bothered, the less they bothered him.
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    I remember going through stuff like that when I was a kid--for very similar reasons. How old is your girl? Does she have a group of friends of her own that she can hang with at recess so she's not a lone target?
    I would talk to the teacher--it can't hurt and you might get lucky.
    That definitely constitutes harassment if not outright bullying.

    You could also try some role-playing to practice dealing with this. Come up with some polite but VERY firm responses and then practice walking away & going to the teacher if she needs to.

    Good luck!
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    I'm sorry that your daughter and you have to go through this. It's painful when your children are having problems with other children at school or any other place where you can not be there to stand up for them. It breaks a parents heart. I am a christian, however this is a free world and we all have the right to believe in what we want. I never try to push my beliefs on anyone. Hang in there.
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    I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm a Christian and teach my kids to be respectful of others, no matter their faith, race, social standing, or political beliefs. Sadly, there're way too many strong opinions in this world, which folks believe they're defending when they try to shove them down the throats of others. It shouldn't be that way and your daughter doesn't deserve this. [​IMG]

    Do you get HBO? American Girl has recently released its newest movie, Chrissa Stands Strong, which deals with bullying. It will be airing again on HBO on Sunday, Jan. 25.


    You can watch the trailer on the website above.

    We watched this show with our kids and discussed it afterwards. Even my 13 year old son enjoyed it. I recommend it.
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    Jun 9, 2008
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    This is a horrible situation and one where you are not sure what the best way to diffuse it will be. I would say approach the teacher - this is bullying and should not be allowed to continue. If the teacher could use this as a way of teaching tolerance and understanding then that would be a good way forward. If she is approachable then ask her to raise the issues without any reference to your daughter and what is happening in the classroom. But also try and encourage your daughter not to react to the bullies as this is what they want. Try and give her the strength to know her beliefs are right for her and she needs to keep strong. If it gets out of hand then the school need to tackle it. All UK schools have an anti-bullying policy and I imagine this is the same with you.
    Good luck and big hugs to your daughter. [​IMG]
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    Crud...been there, done that...

    We've been told that my Greek Orthodox husband doesn't believe in God. Mike, DS, has been beaten up, had things thrown at him, and had some dipstick run over his backpack with his car...needless to say said dipsticks parental was informed and we got an apology, and money for the backpack.

    We've had crap because of having the chickens. Too "farmery" or "white trash" or whatever for our suburban neighbourhood.

    Didn't help that Mike told his best friend that his mother (me) was a witch. Actually a Pagan, but it doesn't sit well in a neighbourhood of Irish Catholics.
    We have an Only Child. Everyone else has at least 2.
    We don't go to their church, so we don't believe in God.
    Mike doesn't play soccer...

    If we were all cookie cutter people, it would be so darned boring...

    But, at christmas one of DDs classmates asked her a direct question and DD apparently told her that she did not believe in god.

    All your DD has to say from now on is, "It's noone's business". or "Yes, I do".​
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    This is a form of harassment and an infringement on her basic rights to have freedom of religion. There was a case in my state where a girl wore a t-shirt to school stating her beliefs and the school sent her home. The civil liberties organization got involved and the school was fined.

    The school board at the state level should be contacted if the county level does not respond to this. But, first, a talk to her teacher would be advised and a time frame decided on in which corrective action should take place. If this is not adhered to, I would not stop until this is resolved.

    I am a Christian and I apologize deeply for the actions of these young people, and it sounds as if their parents are to be blamed as well. If the situations were reversed, and their children were being bombarded with another belief system's propaganda, you can bet there would be an outcry.

    When it comes right down to it...this is America and what is happening just isn't Christ-like!

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