DD gave me some more grey hairs!!!

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    As soon as she got home, she went outside to play in our fenced in backyard. She never gave us any problems about leaving her backyard but today, of ALL days, she decided to go with a STRANGER, and walked two blocks away from our house. I was in the kitchen, which my window is where I can see my DD play with her playhouse. Well I turned away to take things out of the freezer, taking the brats and shrimp out and then took them out to the grill. Well DD is no where to be found. I called her and then got ahold of hubby and we were out like a mad panicky parents and got a few neighbors to help us look for our DD. Poor hubby, he was franic and called 911 and for the blessing of God, our new neighbor down the street found her and brought her over to us. SIGH! Oh what a relief it was and we had a very long talk with her about leaving the backyard (we told her many, many times DO NOT LEAVE the backyard for ANY reason!) and she still does not comprend what would ahve happened to her. [​IMG] [​IMG] She is smart but she thinks it was ok! [​IMG] She said this boy told her to follow him (which I seriously doubt that). And then she told me she wants to walk with him to make a new friend! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Oh the panic feeling! It really did raise too many notches for me to handle and I do take high blood pressure meds and this time it took a long time to calm myself down.

    How in the world can I make my DD understand it was wrong for her and what kind of things it MIGHT have happened to her! She could be gone in a split second and she says, she will hit the stranger and kick him. Well sometimes strangers dont do those kind of things and fighting back might make the kidnapper do the worst thing. I must have been a bad mother since I can not give enough explanations what will happen to her and she knew she was NOT supposed to leave the backyard, locked or not locked. GRRRRRRRRRRR!

    I ought to kick myself! Hubby was so upset about it and we both cried in relief and glad she is home now!

    I know she likes to go to Junior's house or wants Junior to come over to play with her but as parents, whats the best equiette? My hubby and I asked Junior the day before if he got his permission from his parents. He said yes. Does his parents know where he is? He said yes. Well half an hour later, his father was out looking for Junior, same as us, frantic and he was glad he was with us. Junior is now grounded. Now my daughter is grounded too! They are both four and half years old and will be five years old.

    So in order for DD's classmate friend to come over, should we go over to Junior's parents to ask for permission to take Junior with us so he can play or vise versa? If Junior comes over to play, should we go over to his parents to see if he did have their permission to come over to play? It would save the parents the grief and panic like both Junior's parents and we have been experiencing.

    I am so glad for neighbors, they sure did pull together! [​IMG] All in all, I see a few more grey hairs popping on my head!
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    They're four and five years old... They're not old enough to understand the ramifications of their choices.

    I'd say it's pretty obvious that you and the other child's parents need to be the ones communicating about playdates. Don't leave it up to the kids to carry messages. Half the time, kids in that age group are living in an imaginary world anyway... [​IMG]

    I'm glad nothing awful happened to your little one. [​IMG]
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    So glad your baby is safe! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    man,that made my heart jump.my sons are 4 and 5, and they have yet to do anything like that. i am so happy your dd is safe!
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    THANK GOD she is safe and sound! My youngest DS had a hard time understanding the concept of DO NOT LEAVE THIS YARD when he was around 5 years old. That is the only thing I have ever had to spank him over. Yes, it took exactly 2 stinging spankings (wooden spoon swats on bare bottom) and he never left our yard without permission again (he's 11 now.) I don't normally spank, but when it comes to getting the seriousness of their SAFETY through their little heads I think a little pain on the hind quarters works wonders! [​IMG]
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    Is your DD in preschool or kindergarten? I ask because you could possibly talk with the school and/or your local police department and have them come into the classroom and talk with all the children. They do that here each spring. It might be a good idea. I'm glad everything turned out ok, that would of scared me. [​IMG]
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    WOOO! I am so glad everything turned out ok! [​IMG] I had to keep talking to my daughter over and over again about these things!
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    [​IMG], my DS is sixteen and if he forgets to call and tell me he walked down with friend to the other friends house, I get ticked [​IMG] , I would drive down there and ripp him for it, he has a cell phone now, but if he does not answer after a few calls I go lookin' for him. So now he knows.....and if he is spending the night at a friends house where his phone gets no service he will call me on there phone so I can check on him cause if I have to come down there he has to come home right then. Me and my DH sneak around and watch him if he goes with a group of his friends somewhere ..say the mall...just to make sure he can behave without an adult [​IMG] so far so good. I am so glad your DD is home and safe [​IMG] bless y'alls heart it is one of the most worst feelings in the world, it's like your heart fell and took the bottom of your stomach with it.

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    My kids always said I was too overprotective, Now they have children of their own I reminded them of what they said and they now know how dangerous it is. and they are now doing exactly what I used to.
    One time when I was washing dishes and my DD was 5 years old, She dissapeared and I was freaking out. I always left the back door propped open so they could play in the fenced back yard, but she was just gone! I ran thru the house, up and down the road, called my MIL and my mom and was getting ready to call the police when she was found sound asleep in a cabinet under the sink right where I was doing dishes.
    I understand the panic you felt! and the relief you felt when she was found! even though she is now 27, I remember it like yesterday!
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    Exchange phone numbers with the boy's parents & set up play dates. It's good to have a friend in the neighborhood. But get used to talking to other parents and making play arrangements because it never ends. I talk to the parents of the friends of my now teenage daughters. ALL kids think they've told someone something, and told them correctly. And it's almost tragic how often they're wrong.

    I lost my youngest at the beach one evening. Yelled and yelled, had people helping me look for her. Kept having this vision of her washing up on the shore.
    Turned out she was building a sand castle behind a dune. Hadn't heard me yell. I will never forget the sensations I felt when my baby was missing!! You have my sympathy [​IMG]

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