dd walked in her apartement Update: post 1


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Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
and found the apartments handy man sitting on her couch watching tv... she just got back from seeing the baby... I told her to check her pay per veiw history and to call the main office and report him. she is alone all day until 7 pm . now she is scared to be there byherself

update: dd roomate went and talked to the apartment manager. the guy denied watching tv. he said he was doing paper work. dd said he had no papers in his hand. so from now on my dd roomate will be doing the routine stuff like changing the filters. the only time maint. guy is allowed in her apartment is to fix something.and he must give notice. funny he wasnt watching tv but the tv was off when dd left and when she came back and found him it was on and he was watching national geographic. which noone who lives in that apartment watches ever...
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Something is not right there!! I agree she should report him asap!!! That would make me very uncomfortable too. Also I would demand my locks be changed now. I am a land lord and I am not allowed in my tenants home without 24 hour notice, and I need their permission to be there even when they aren't. Maybe the laws are different in your state, I would check.
she reported him . and they never give her notice when they are coming... she got there his key was stuck in her lock still. this man already gave her the creeps. I will have to check the laws. but i believe they are suposed to give notice. she doesnt need this crap especially now. I know they are looking for a house to rent so maybe they will look harder so they can get out of there
when I moved out of my dads house I got an apartment my dad helped me choose, it was clean and cheap and in a good area.
About a month later I started noticing things had been moved, small things and then things missing, like undergarments.

One night I went to a party with my older brother and got a little tipsy and my bro told me I had to stay the night at his place so I did. the next morning he drove me home and I was going to make him breakfast and we found our landlord going through my underwear drawer with his pants around his ankles. My brother lost it and went at him. the police were called and he was arrested. I wasn't the only he was doing it to. he lost his apartments, his wife divorced him and his kids disowned him. My immediate neighbour who had a baby girl had caught him peeking in at her through windows several times and couldn't prove it. after this, she sued him!!! I will tell your DD its time to move, before something worse happens!!!!!!!!!!
they are looking to move. this is the one daughter with a preemie baby in the nicu. they are looking for a place ... He knows her schedule becuase he is always working outside around her apartment. he has always creeped her out. I am no worried for her during th edaybecause she is byherself all day. she lives with her boyfreind and his best freind so not so worried at night for her. I am hoping they fire this guy

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