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    Oct 24, 2007
    Can/Should I use DE as a preventative measure. I had a 5 mo old pullet that did not make it through the weekend and I'm pretty sure it's due to intestinal/gi issues. When using DE, is it just the garden store/pest control variety? If so, do I simply spinkle around the rim of the feeder where the birds eat out of?
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    No, you can't get it at the garden store. It MUST be Food Grade DE or you will endanger your birds. It will say "Food Chemical Codex Grade" like PermaGuard's Fossil Shell Flour brand. Food grade can go in the feed at a rate of 2% or less, but the kind that is 85% silicon is poison to them. That's the type you find at Home Depot, etc. Food Grade DE is about 1% silicon and is bright white, not gray. You can also dust them with it under their wings and around the vent areas to kill lice and mites. I dont put it in their feed much anymore except to kill whatever bugs may get into the feed bags and I put it in the straw of the nestboxes as well. If a bird has a humongous worm load, DE may not be enough since it is more of a preventative.
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    I'm sure others will chime in here, but do NOT use the pest control kind.... it has to be "food grade" usually labeled "chemical codex food grade". We called around to all the feed stores and founf one (that specializes in horses) who would special-order it for us. Make sure you specify "food grade"! The brand most stores carry is Permaguard. I paid about $35 for a 50# bag, you can also order it on line (someone will probably supply a link or do a search on this forum) but shipping is costly.
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    I buy food grade for my animals and I will keep some for myself which I use.
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    Jan 18, 2007
    I've never used DE in my life and have never found the need to. I provide dust baths for external parasites, and have never had to use chemicals or even seen an infestation. If I'm worried about worms I have a fecal sample checked.
    Of course, circumstances are different for everyone, and I know some folks swear by it, so I guess the call is up to you.
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    DE is not a chemical. It is ground up fossil shell in the consistancy of flour. It is all natural. Food grade DE is clean enough for humans to ingest. It has many uses and functions. It is most widely used by feed mills in commercial feed to prevent bugs and such.
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    Oct 24, 2007
    Please be aware there are different types of DE, and even FOOD GRADE DE, as I have learned the hard way, I have been chatting about it on the local page for my state here on BYC
    Here is a little bit about what I came across...

    No it doesnt have a smell, It is food grade and they told me the same thing about feeding it to there animals.
    DE is safe to feed to ANY animals.

    This however, would be safe to feed in the summer months but not winter months, this is why.

    This is a mixture of 65% DE <1% Silica and 35% Montmirillonite.

    Montmirillonite is clay, our birds do not drink as much in the winter as they do in the summer, being that it is clay and eating it in the winter, it will eventually compact in there crops and not pass, where in the summer when they are drinking more, it has a better chance of being flushed out.

    This however is still good to dust the birds with place in there nest boxes dusting boxes sprinkle on the floor around the water to keep things dryer and kill the bugs.
    I used a 4lb bag today, doing just this, all over my pens. Just using it up.

    I would never buy this bag again and will look at it more closely next time. I want it to be 99% DE and <1% Silica. Or close to that with a LOW Silica content.

    We are on the look out for another source that is what we want! Lol

    Read your ingrediants as questions if it is low silica, it needs to be low in silica it needs to be food grade. It should be white. Not Brown/Buff/ Beige/ wth ever they want to call this Lol

    Thank you!
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    May 7, 2007
    Forks, Virginia
    PermaGuard Codex Grade fossil shell flour is one of the very best brands to buy.
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