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  1. thesteven

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    Apr 25, 2009
    i know pupose. but what is your options, some say bad but i hear equal on good, my sexlinks were de-beaked when i got them, but my redS are not. doesn't seem to affect my flock, i was just wanting some opions and to see if one actually is over-all better

  2. This is going to get good... [​IMG]
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    Chris, stop that!! [​IMG] Debeaking is what commercial operations often do because the birds are crammed into close quarters. They do it to keep them from literally eating each other. To many, myself included, it is an inhumane procedure and unnecessary if you practice good husbandry. The backyard flock owner should never have to go to such extremes. Plus, it just ruins the looks of the birds completely, IMO.
  4. Sorry, but you know how these things go...

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    I'm glad we have moderators to spank us every now and then.

    Like Speckledhen said, commercial operators debeak chickens as a matter of course because of the way they are crammed together. It can be an effective tool to stop cannibalism but I'd hate to see that as a standard practice in a backyard flock.

    Just because you debeak does not mean that you can automatically crowd chickens together either. The commercial operations have to use other management practices to enable them to crowd chickens together like that, poop management and innoculations, for example.

    I personally do not consider debeaking as better.
  6. thesteven

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    Apr 25, 2009
    it seems i blew open the worn volcano. agrree wih above it does make them look ugly. not my choice bought the sexlinks like that. i wasn't planning on doing that. heck i hate the cry of them when i got to pick the wild ones up, i couldn't comprehend the cry of one getting de-beaked. so it has it won't affect my sexlinks, just there look
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    Most hatcheries only sell started pullets as debeaked. They'll do fine in your flock, but obviously, with a real choice, I woudn't choose to have debeaked hens.

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    Apr 9, 2009
    I have also heard/read that their is a thin mambrane on the inside of the beak. If this membrane gets cut too far ito it can cause feelings very much like a 'phantom limb' feeling in peopel who have had amputated limbs.

    The nerve endings tingle/ache and the feeling wiill never go away.

    This is why I have read many birds that have been de-beaked often shake their heads frequently.

    I dunno...if I could speak chicken I would aske them THEIR feeling on the matter,

    But personally if they were born with it, then nature intended them to have it- and keep it.

    just don't crowd your birds....If I was crowded I might start punching and kicking for space too- But then I suppose I would have my hands and feet chopped off????


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    Quote:so wrong

    but i've wanted to say that before on other threads, so kudos...


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