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    Nov 15, 2010
    i know this has got to be out there already...but wow o guys really go whith the info and it is great!!!

    OK...i know what DE is and have used it for a while from the garden store around the blue birds and in the barn and feed storage bins.
    the question is..what is FOOD GRADE and what is the dif. between it and "refular" DE that i got from the garden store and have been using for 2 years? what is the benefit of the food grade over any other? what can i do with it that you can not do with "regular" and why could i do dif. things depending on what the type is?
    thanks for any information and help.[​IMG]

  2. cubalaya

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    the other one is poison to chickens
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    There are threads about it linked on the FAQ page.

    Not everyone uses it; many feel it is useless or worse. Certainly it should not be inhaled. Read and make up your own mind.

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