DE Food Grade~ Where is the best place to buy this bulk from???


8 Years
Apr 26, 2011
Does anyone have any websites or links for some good pricing for DE Food Grade! Thanks ~

Buena Vista Alpacas - Aiken, SC 803-594-0788

Randall Gooding - Bishopville, SC 803-428-2161or 803-428-7418

These are two Custom Milling reps in SC. CM selling Perma Guard DE. Some feed stores may get it in, but be warned, they may tell you it's food grade, but if it doesn't say so on the bag, it probably isn't.
I was looking for some last week,been searching for a while now,just out of chance i decided to call the local health food store and they had it,it's $10.99 for a 1 gallon jug of it.Evidenty this it's a hot new thing among the health food freaks.
There is a Custom Milling rep in Murphy, NC and we were paying about $25 for 50# a couple years ago. The local co-op now sells the same brand for $38 for 50# and I just found out that another feed store in town is a rep for Custom Milling, but no idea what they're selling the DE for. I'm out and need some now. I use about 75# a year. Used to use 100# but have fewer birds now.
The most expensive place to buy DE is at a health food store. $10.00/gal is steep. Through you can get Perma-Guard Diatomaceous Earth DE Food Grade 50 lb bag for $24.99 plus $30.00 shipping which is where I got it. With 50# bag you have enough to dust chickens, coop and put in their dust bath. Lasts a long time. You'll go broke buying that much at the store buy the gallon or 5# bag.
Amazon..$27 for 50#, plus shipping. Couldn't find it ANYWHERE locally, so yes, I paid the shipping, but I use A LOT of it and one bag is only half gone after a little over 3 months.
Hahahah~ wait a second~ the hottest thing for the health food freaks?? What are they doing with it!

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