DE, PDZ, Stall Dry?!

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    Dec 31, 2008
    What is the dif? Are all ok for chickens? My dad got stall dry for chickens is it ok? He said the guy at the store said that DE was for there food. Whats going on!? lol Help!

    Chicken Girl
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    Stall Dry is usually for odor helps inside the coop to keep the poop dry and not smell much. (<---- not for feeding to them!!)

    DE if food grade is used as a feed addiditve/dustbath additive/natural dewormer/etc. DO NOT use DE for pools...only food grade!!

    Sweet PDZ is a powder usually... its like Stall Dry. I actually prefer seems to work much better for MY birds. It used same way...sprinkled over bedding and many times under roosts to dry up the poop and deoderize/dry up the bedding. (<---NOT for feeding to them!!!)

    None of those things will hurt your birds...its really if you are looking for a food additive, use DE. The others arent meant to be used that way, they are meant to be used fot the coop bedding, but if they eat some it wont be a OMG emergency thing.
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