'de-spooking' the chicks, and, a 20 day old crowed!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by patandchickens, May 21, 2008.

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    Harry (age 3) and I tried sitting in the pen with the chicks this evening, and it was a great success. Harry took his little plastic chair in -- it is a 6x20 pen -- and I sat down on an unpooey part of the floor, probably the last time there will ever *be* an unpooey part of floor so I'd better dig out another plastic chair for future use [​IMG]

    So we just sat down there and were quiet and still, and watched the show. The chicks, who are getting a lot of feathers now at almost 3 wks of age, all came out and did their roadrunner/EvelKnievel act up and down the pen. They more or less ignored us after the first minute or so. The bravest came up and pecked at my shirt and knees - fingers, apparently, are still scary. They seemed *much* bolder than when we were standing, as we'd always done previously. It was easier to really get a good close look at each of them from floor level, too. We were only in there for about 15 minutes, but I suspect that with another half hour (at *most*) I'd have had chicks hopping up and down on top of me with their pooey little chick feet.

    So, for anyone with their chicks in a large enough area, I highly recommend sitting on or near the floor as a way of getting the flighty ones more used to you and letting the sensible ones get to know you better [​IMG]

    Also, while we were in there I got to see the first one crow. Well, probably someone else has done it in my absence but it's the first one I've SEEN. It's the Golden Campine that I unimaginatively call "Number 3", as in, counting in descending order of comb size [​IMG]

    He stood out there about 3' from me, and stretched up tall and crooked his neck and announced "Ullla-glll-glllllllll!!" Several times in fact. It was a pretty inept performance but definitely an Actual Rooster Crow.

    (If, by the way, anyone in Ontario would like a Golden Campine cockerel, I would appear to have at least 3 and probably 4 of them, willing to give some away as freebies to any takers... [​IMG])

    p.s. - you know what, chicks are really neat to watch, they are indeed [​IMG]

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    loved your story. [​IMG]

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