De-spuring a Rooster

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    Mar 20, 2009
    I have a BO roo who takes great care of his 8 hens. The only problem is his 2" spurs. He has cut on hen pretty badly even though she is wearing an apron. Has anyone ever tried de-spuring a rooster? I was thinking that they do this to the dew claws on small puppies. Could you do this to a rooster when small? Just a thought.

  2. Here ya go............Pop

    Trimming Spurs;

    Trimming spurs is very common and most easily accomplished with the use of a Dremmel tool and cut off wheel. Get someone to hold the bird, cut the spur 3/8ths-1/2" out from the leg. The heat from the wheel usually cauterizes the root, but if bleeding occurs, pressure on the spot will stop it in a few minutes. Twisting the hard part off works also as prescribed above, but it leaves a weapon to harden in a few days. The Dremmel tool is the best method and easy.

    The cock will struggle a little, but once he is on the ground will act as if nothing happened. Since chickens do not feel pain in the same way other animals do, I have concluded that the struggle is caused by the unfamiliar buzzing of the tool and resistance to being manipulated.......Pop

    Spur Video;

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    Lollipop beat me to it! The link he posted is my favorite spur removal video.
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    Thanks ever so. I know the girls will be happy with the shorter spurs.
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    Quote:I'm thinking that he means here to remove it permanently (as in dew claws on a pup) [​IMG] ... it would be great if this could be done when young. [​IMG]
  7. Quote:What?

    Just reffering to the fact that dubbing or spur trimming doesn`t affect them at all. From the time you finish and set them down, they act like nothing ever happened. They don`t sulk, itch, or show any grief whatsoever........Pop

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    I use a hack saw on my mean roos' spurs, they don't like being hacked but they don't seem to miss their spurs, and, NO MORE SPUR MADE SCARS!!! [​IMG]
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