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    DE is not the same thing as the DE used in swimming pool filters. Pool grade DE is Diatomaceous Earth produced for pool filters and it is treated with heat, causing the formerly amorphous silicon dioxide to assume crystalline form. Pool grade DE should never be used for pest control. Swimming pool DE ranges from 60% to 70% free silica! Copyright [​IMG] Golden Harvest Organics LLC™, 1996-2010

    Learned this the hard way! Had never purchased DE and was having a hard time finding it. Somebody finally suggested a pool store so I thought I had lucked out. Short version...Nobody died but had blisters covering faces:( I later discovered a feed mill that carried DE. They call DE fossil flower.
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    DE is a popular topic....[​IMG]
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    Wow. we get ours at the feed store. sorry bout your blisters.
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    That really sucks! I almost ended up in the same situation... when I was looking for it I checked home depot. The guy working there insisted that the "pool grade" is what people use for insect control and around live stock. I decided he was an idiot and that the people here knew better, so I left.

    It turns out that the feed store down the street sells Food Grade DE for $35 for a 50lb sack.
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    I'm sorry for the problems you encountered, but I'm glad you put out a warning for others. I got food grade only because I saw a bag of it in the feed isle. I had heard of people mentioning the pool stuff and wondered if I had gotten a poor deal. Thanks again!

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