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    What is DE?
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    Jul 31, 2007
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    Heres a great desciption and the best place to get it from and it is Codex Food Grade

    Diatomaceous Earth
    Food Grade DE
    Diatomaceous Earth or DE for short, is the fossilized remains of the diatom, a single celled aquatic plant that lived some 20 million years ago. The remains of the diatoms formed deposits of diatomite in sedimentary layers. It is found in various dry lake bed deposits which were formed anciently from the skeletons of millions of microscopic diatoms as they died and fell to the bottom of the lake or sea bed. It is dug out of the ground and mined in different parts of the world.

    Diatomaceous earth is used in a wide range of industrial applications. Industrial grade DE is used in swimming pool filters and is not suitable for home use. The industrial DE has been put through a process which has been heated to extremely high temperatures and even though it looks the same it is like glass. The food grade is widely used as an anticaking agent in prepared feed mixes. Custom Milling, Inc uses DE in all of our feed formulas. The FDA has not approved DE as an internal parasite control, but it has approved it for animal consumption.

    Many farmers use DE in their grain bins ( about 7 lbs/ton of grain) When weevil eggs hatch out and the larvae come in contact with DE they dehydrate. Diatomaceous Earth will dehydrate any soft bodied insect or insect larva. Many people use it as a garden dust. Many of your chemical garden dust products have an inert ingredient in it. The inert ingredient is usually Diatomaceous Earth. The best way to use it is early in the morning when the leaves are wet. You can use a duster or you can use an old pair of panty hose and dust the leaves good. You can also protect fruit trees by sprinkling DE around the base and by making a solution with water and soap and painting the tree trunk. This creates a protective buffer zone against migration of Japanese beetles and other insects.

    You can dust your animals with it to control fleas, ticks, mites and other parasites

    25 lb bag $16.50 50 lb bag $24.95+ shipping

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    Thank You

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