dead 18 month old chicken

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    Nov 3, 2011
    Was a healthy light brahma chicken. Found her face down under the hanging feeder no obvious signs of cause, no mites, not egg bound that I can tell. The only thing I noticed was her vent on the one side was red, like a half moon shape. We got a huge egg 3 and a half inches long yesterday afternoon, elongated with a ridge perfectly around the middle. It doesn't look like the other hens were picking at her vent. No blood no prolapse although it does look red inside but not bloody. What happened to my chicken? Are there any ways to not get such huge eggs? The other chickens same age have normal size eggs. I will be checking all their vents. Dread telling my daughter as they are "her" chickens. They eat layer mash w free choice oyster shell. Chickens are finally starting to produce again after molting. I also noticed the light cord was knocked out of the wall which happens not know if my husband did it yesterday when he collected eggs or if the chickens did it. I appreciate any help. Thanks
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    Internal injury from the big egg? Heart attack? Electrocution?

    It's difficult to know, I lost one over Thanksgiving break that had no obvious signs of distress either. Necropsy would be the only way to be certain, and I'm not sure how much or where to go for that myself. Personally, I just looked carefully at the rest of the flock and continue to monitor and they are fine. So, maybe someone else can offer other ideas.
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