dead baby chick? :(

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    Last year I bought 2 Barred Rock and 2 Dom's. They did great and are producing well. This year I wanted to change things up ... so I bought 2 Delaware and 2 Amercauna . They were being kept in a Rubbermade tote, the same as I did last year. Last night (they would be approximately 3-4 days old as they were purchased from a farm supply store) we noticed one of the Amercauna's was just laying there.... when "poked" it moved, but barely. I quickly removed it and wrapped it in a wash cloth and held it close to me, rubbing it's back and head and gave some sugar water. She seemed to perk a little. But still was unable to stand full strength on her feet. It was late (midnight) so we tried to make her as comfortable as possible and went to bed. This morning... she was stiff and dead! The kids buried her before school while I removed the other Americauna from the Delawares. There is a significant size difference (nearly double) and I worried that maybe the Delaware's were picking on that one (that Americauna was also smaller than its sister).... today I had to go to work, so, like I said, I removed the smaller chick from the two bigger chicks, allowed for bedding, water and chick start feed. I'm hoping not to find another dead chick when I get home.

    Any ideas what went wrong?
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    This might sound silly, but I don't see it mentioned above - is there a heat source available for the chicks, including the segregated Americauna? Heat lamp, MHP, Ecoglow, etc? And if so - how/where is it positioned?
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