dead bantam chicks??

Bobwhite DoLittle

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Sep 19, 2008
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Hi, I have a question about some bantam chicks that died here recently.

I ordered some bantam chicks for the first time ever through the mail, 10 Dark Cornish, 10 Quail Belgian D'Anver, and 10 BB Red Old English on Aug. 20-08.

Now keep in mind I have never raised the first two breeds before, so I have no idea what they will look like as babies and I have never had purebreed BB Reds to raise from chick size up, so again, guess work for me to figure out which breed is which.

Right off I check my box of babies at the post office, 10 are already goners, bummer, I get the rest home, all seem fine, till I noticed something odd among the darker baby bantams.

If they tripped/stumbled ending up on their backs, they seemed stuck that way, so I would help them back onto their feet, all seemed fine till it happened again. So, I desided to see what would happened if I didn't help them back on their feet (they seemed to do it often), yes, they literally died, just like that right there to my amazement, wierd. I am still saying "wow" to myself.

Here is the question...... What is up with that happening?

Of the ten of that color I now have three left, dispite my careful watching, no, I was there 24/7, so sadly, I lost several of the little ones. I have never in all my years of raising chicks, bantam or standards, ever experiencing this odd behavior.

Has anyone heard of this happening? If so, how did the dying part fit in? Normally, chicks just flip themselves right side up with no problems or side effects.

I am truly guessing on this when I suggest the possible answer. I am almost suspecting that they may have drowned as odd at that may seem, that is what I am leaning towards.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

Before you ask, yes I did call the Hatchery about the ones that died during shipping, so I will be reinbursed for them, not the others though, that is on me.

Sincerily, Bobwhite DoLittle.


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Sorry for your losses, but sounds like they had a bad shipping experience and that did them in since so many were already goners when you got the box. Most hatcheries will reimburse you for shipping loss which includes losses up to 72 hours past ship date because of harsh shipping. If it took them 72 hours to get to you though, it might be harder for you to get reimbursement. If they looked a bit neurological, perhaps the back of the shipping truck had an exhaust leak and they were poisoned that way.


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Jan 25, 2008
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I think you need to call the hatchery back and ask them to reimburse for the ones that died at your house. These birds were likely chilled during shipment, and the hatchery should reimburse you for them, (how long after they arrived at your home did they die?)

Which hatchery was it?

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