dead bantum hen


7 Years
Aug 22, 2012
west covina california
so today started out a so so day...did not end well. this morning I let out our chickens. I noticed our mill fleur d'uccle didn't. look good. she was fluffed up and laying down like she was trying to lay an egg. I didn't give it too much thought because last time I worried a chicken was just having trouble laying her egg. so I let her be. six hours later I went to collect eggs. she was laying on her side...stiff and dead. she had no bugs on her or wounds I checked. I don't know why she died. awhile ago my bantams lice i treated them with frontaline. just a drop like was recommended. also this week I treated with. apple cidar vinegar to prevent worms. 1 tbsp per gallon. why did she die? I know about two months ago my neighbors pug got her or tried threw hercage. she didn't have bite wounds just missing feathers. why did butterfly die? btwi checked hr vent it was clean no blockages and here eyes were clear. if need be I can post pixs of her. shecwasnt very old and she was not cheep either. please help. sorry if typos typing on nookook waiting for my grandfathers viewing then funeral tommorow. so yeah not a good day.

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