dead birds...what's involved in a necropsy or does anyone have a clue what could cause this?

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    My dad has lost 3 full grown year old birds in the past month or 6 weeks. The first two were hens, I didn't see them but thought perhaps they were eggbound. They died about 3 weeks apart. This morning he lost a rooster in the same manner. They were perfectly fine that night, next morning they were dead.
    I contacted the state vet and am waiting for a return call regarding doing a necropsy. Does anyone know what this entails as far as expense and shipping methods? Also, does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? These birds were all hatched at his farm last spring, and none have had vaccinations. We are leaning strongly towards a feed problem, he bought all from Orschelns, and earlier this year I had feed from them for my hogs that I believe caused illness. I am specificall wondering about mycotoxins. Anyone have any experience? I am just figuring things out from google and mercks vet online. Maybe thats some rare occurance that probably isn't likely. Thanks very much in advance.
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    Well I guess we won't be doing a necropsy. Talked to the state vet and he felt it wouldn't be sufficient to have just one dead bird. It runs about 100.00 to have it done plus the shipping is quite expensive.
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    I'm sorry to hear about this. If you continue to experience losses, it might be worth looking to see if you have an avian-certified veterinarian in your area. I am totally unfamiliar with Iowa so I don't know if there are any. They can preform an avian necropsy as well-- as long as they have had schooling/training on birds. The cost might be less than $100 and no shipping fees involved. Though with any necropsy there is always the chance that it's inconclusive, which of course is frustrating since it is sometimes costly.

    Best wishes, and again sorry for the loss!
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    I just read this and I too just lost two of my favorite hens this week. Both were fine and then died suddenly. I too hatched them on my own. I talked to the vet I used to work for and her said it would run about $100 as well. He asked if any of the neighbors had used fertilizer recently as that causes death. I just bought new food as well so I will be buying more in the morning just incase it was the feed. [​IMG]
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    You can also check with your state agriculture dept. In N.C. The NCVDLS will necropsy up to 8 chickens/ducks for $30.00. Keep in mind that they may ask you for a live bird also.

    Good Luck!
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