dead chick just out of egg ?

mama dixie

8 Years
Aug 11, 2011
I went out to take care of our ducks today and we have two hens on nests. the ducks are buff ducks very friendly and have hatched eggs before. as I was turning to leave one of the mama ducks made a funny noise and I looked down and there was a dead baby duck, just out of the egg still wet. there was a tiny bit of blood on it but no sighn of trama or injury. I picked it up woth a trowl and looked at it close but no life and it was just so sad. I told the mama I would take care of it and I am going to bury it but why did it die? any ideas? I put watter and food in with the girls setting so they dont have to leave the nest for long I was thinking maybe one of thoes horrid ravens got it or something..

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