dead chick?? or is it alive? :/

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    Nov 11, 2008
    Since I candled on day 9 I was candling and there was this brown egg it was very dark inside so I waited to candle on day 16, I candled on day 16 (yesterday) and I couldn't see anything!!! [​IMG] its dark!!! I don't think its dead since all the other ones are alive and moving but I just can't see in that one, I say that its alive because none of the other chicks have died ( if they started dying I would know that the chick is dead and its causing bacteria) since I candled on day 6 and till day 16 if the chick was dead should it have started to smell bad??? or explode??? [​IMG] it hasn't really exploded and it hasn't smell bad, so is he dead or alive??? I want to take it out but what if he was alive!!! [​IMG] help please!


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    If it doesn't smell leave it. Mine turn dark before hatching, when candling look for movement, but even then the chick could be resting when you candle. I have had eggs hatch that had no movement. If when you move the egg and it is dark and fluid then it may be bad. The smell test is the best indicator if it smells rotten it can explode and ruin your whole hatch.

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