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    Hi everyone,

    Today, one of my Splash Isbars passed. It was perhaps about a week old and just fine this morning! Yes, it was eating, drinking.
    The brooder is in my room and they are the first batch that are in here. They have pine shavings, fresh water with Gro-Max probiotics/Save-A-Chic Vitamins and Electrolytes.

    The thermometer in the brooder reads a comfortable 95. I give them fresh food daily.

    It's so very strange because I've been monitoring them very carefully as I've had two die from the breeder as soon as they got here.
    This morning, I was such a happy little chick and last night, it was eating voraciously.

    The only thing I can attribute this to is yesterday, I introduced fermented starter feed to them. I have all my other girls on fermented grower
    and everyone has been doing great! This chick seemed to be the youngest of the bunch.. so perhaps it just couldn't take it?
    When I introduced the fermented feed, I did not add the probiotics to their water.

    The other five are doing great and very, very healthy! They are very energetic, eat and drink large amounts, and constantly running around everywhere!

    I'd also like to add that my flock outside in the coop are variously aged from 10 weeks to 3 weeks and all are very healthy as well. I have never had a lost with them and all have survived besides a hawk attack and my mother letting my dog out against my warnings that he must always be supervised with them - but that's a whole 'nother story.

    I want to do a necropsy but checked and UC Davis' fee is $120. That plus shipping is way too much for this college student.
    Plus, I just spent about $400 getting this batch of chicks and won an auction from Greenfire Farms for $195.. So my financial aid is running a bit low right now.
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