Dead chick??????

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by CherriesBrood, Feb 15, 2017.

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    Hi I just tried a float test with an egg on day 23. Every other egg has hatched except for this one, no pip, i candled and saw no internal pip or heard no chirping and saw no movement. When I did the float test just a bit of the air sack part stayed above water while the rest went under. Is the egg dead or alive? Any help would be very much appreciated. :)
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    I don't really put much stock in the float test personally. It floating doesn't mean it's alive, the egg is supposed to move to indicate a live chick.

    What I would do, now that every other egg has hatched and this one hasn't even started, is carefully open the air cell. You'll be able to tell pretty quick whether it's alive or not once you do that. If it's alive you'll see it moving under the membrane.
  3. CherriesBrood

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    Ok thank you. I thought I might have to do something like that.
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    At day 23 with no progress or indications of a live chick through candling I too would just make a start on the air cell to see what's happening.
    I too don't float test and go on my instinct when candling any eggs left after hatch seems complete.
  5. CherriesBrood

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    Ok so what I found was no movement and a big part of the yolk. It definitely was dead when I opened it up. Thanks you all for the help.

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