Dead chick


In the Brooder
Oct 9, 2018
Hi Guys,

I was able to hatch 6 chicks last weekend and this morning I found 1 baby chick dead. This was the smallest of the 6 but it showed no signs of any issue. It was fine when it went to bed last night but just asking for opinions on what may be the cause, besides maybe just being weaker than the others. From what I observed these are the following parameters:-

  • all other chicks looks bright eyed and happy, eating running around and singing
  • the brooder is warm, but not too warm hence why the other chicks are happy running around
  • the dead baby chick did have one of its feet curled up when I saw it lying face down, but there was no visible injuries
  • all chicks have a good coat of feathers and look happy
  • they are being fed chick starter and water
  • I changed the bedding last night
To my eye just seemed the strongest survive scenario but I could be wrong?

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