Dead Chick ???

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    Well, yesterday evening I checked on my one broody who has been sitting on a bunch of eggs. I was worried about the chicks b/c in the beginning I had problems w/ bator and then about a week later set them under broody. Well, Tues. night around 8pm I candled the eggs. In a few of the eggs I saw movement. Well, last night around 5pm I checked on her again. There was a chick that hatched, still had the yolk attached to belly button (not sure if it hatched or if the hen pecked it out of the egg). Chick was dead and there was no remmanants left of the egg. I am assuming the hen ate the egg. This is a new hen and her first time sitting on eggs. Is it possible she may have killed the chick? Has anyone else ever experienced this?

    I did hear a few others peeping in their shells last night so am hoping I have a few that hatched w/in the night and are still alive.

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    Sounds like, for whatever reason, that chick just hatched too soon.

    During the final 24 hours in the egg, the remains of the yolk are absorbed through the naval, which then seals.

    This is the nourishment the chick can get by on for the first 3 days if necessary (generally they will start eating and drinking within 24 hours of hatching.

    Unlikely Mom did anything. Hens usually cluck in response to hearing cheeps from the eggs .... it encourages the eggs, and helps prepare Mom for the next stage.

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