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We lost a baby chick (3 days old) this evening and I haven't the foggiest idea why. Their brooder is perfect, their chick starter is perfect, they have water with the correct measurement of acv in it, and I've been dipping beaks every day (saw the remaining three dipping in there themselves this evening so I can stop the dipping). I looked all over the deceased chick's body and there were no signs of illness. He was fine just this afternoon. No pasty butts either, and their poop was normal for all of them (except for the first few hours as it's always green then). It's brown now, and a good consistency. They received grow gel plus b after birth because they were really looking sluggish. it perked them right up. I also used it on the chicks we had prior to these ones, and as far as I know those chicks are still perfectly healthy. It is intended for baby chicks and I know that wasn't the problem;

They are Norwegian Jaerhons from a reputable source here on the forum, she loves her birds and takes excellent care of them, and monitors them all very I know this isn't something from the parents. the chick that passed away was very yellow all over his body with just a few spots of grey here and there, he was my favorite. I knew we wouldn't be able to keep him but he was still my favorite.

can anyone think of anything that may have caused this (something I haven't already addressed above)?

Thank you sincerely.
No matter how good the conditions, or reputable the source, sometimes babies die. The chick might have had an internal birth defect that wasn't noticeable until it died. It is possible it somehow got injured or injured itself in a way that you couldn't see that caused its death.

Watch the other chicks. If they start dieing you may have illness in the flock. Sometimes you yourself could have carried it in from outside where wild birds had carried it to your property.
Sometimes they just pass and we never know the reason - I think it is just nature's way.

The oldest I have lost one for "no reason" is 3 weeks old (everyone else healthy and that one healthy until death).

I am sorry for your loss. If for any reason any of the other chicks start acting up with signs of coccidiosis, however, I would like to make sure you know that it can occur even in the brooder from transfer (even when they haven't had contact with the ground). However, that is rare from what I can tell about reading on BYC.
sorry about that

Chicks are very hardy but one or two are bound to die for one reason or another, unfortunately.

Good luck with the other chicks!

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