Dead chicken in the coop


Feb 26, 2010
Hi - I have 11 chickens in my coop. All hens. No roosters. Tonight I came home from work and one was dead on the coop floor. They've been pecking each other alot this winter (first winter in the coop). Is it possible that they pecked this one to death. Yesterday, she was acting perfectly normal and laid an egg. Neck feathers were all stripped. Most of the other chickens are missing feathers too.
Unless you found a gaping wound, then I wouldn't blame the others. Broken neck or internal issues are far more likely. Now them pecking at each other is a whole other issue that you'll definitely want to address - whether not enough space (or too many birds for your space), protein deficiency, etc. Also, are you sure they're pecking at each other? Have you checked for parasites???
Sorry you lost a bird though...
Unfortunately, I've had that happen to one too.. it was my Leghorn that I just found dead in the coop one day and never found out what happened to it. I suspect something went wrong inside because she hadn't been laying an egg in weeks. Do you know if yours was laying at all? Sometimes, that stuff just happens with those girls.. it stinks.

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