Dead chicken, possibly suffocation?

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    I went out to collect eggs this afternoon and found one of the 2 year old EEs dead in the corner. It is the corner between the nest boxes and wall that they often decide to use as a nest box. I'm wondering if she was suffocated if multiple ones were piling in the corner, which they sometimes do. There was an egg in the main area just in front of the corner and one behind her, so it was in use today.

    There is a trace of blood in her nose cavity, but otherwise she just looks like she was curled up tight in the corner. We've had a few of of our brown layers (RIR mix) of the same age pass from cancer in the past few months, but this is the first EE we've lost and no sign of illness previously. She is fairly light in weight and nothing abnormal shaped in her gut like the others we've lost this summer. I haven't yet done an autopsy, has anyone else had one die of suffocation to know what to potentially look for to confirm?
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    I doubt suffication unless she was being sat on by other chickens for a long period of time. Feel her abdomen, is it bumpy? You may not be able to see this, but the nose bleed makes it sound like infection/cancer that spread to her brain. Was she acting any differnt the say before?

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