Dead chicken, Sleepy others. How to treat with corid. (edited with pictures)Help!!!!

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    1521319101417-654195501.jpg Found one dead Welsummer this morning. Now one of my Easter Egger is also very sleepy. They are going to be a year old in May. Yesterday my mom said they were fine but i was out of town. She let them go around the yard in the wagon and said they were fine and thought they were sleepy because it was getting dark before a storm when she put them up. Like i said one dead this morning. A few others are sleepy looking today and one is especially sleepy and didnt seem to drink. They are very quiet and slow. They have very watery poop but i haven't seen blood in it. See photos. Coccidiosis??
    I just bought 9.6 corid. How much do I give? In water or straight into her mouth with a syringe? I'm not sure if i could get her to drink it. I gave them some in water. About 3 cc in 1/4 gallon. I have 7 total chickens. They are still eating. I attached photos

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    Here is correct dosing, use the severe outbreak dose. (9.6% should be the liquid)
    You can also give a drench to very sick birds that are not drinking on their own, dosing is here:
    The drench is IN ADDITION to the treatment below. Make sure medicated water is the only water available and don't give vitamin supplements until treatment is complete as it may reduce the effectiveness of the medication.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

    It is a good idea to treat with Corid and @coach723 has given you good information on dosing and giving them a drench.

    Since you have several chickens that are suddenly sleepy - is there anything you can think of that they may have eaten/gotten into while they were out yesterday? You mention that they were in a wagon(?) is this a chicken tractor?
    Check your feed and anything else you feed for mold and look around your yard for anything rotten or toxic that they may have encountered.

    For your very sick ones, make sure they are staying hydrated - encourage them to drink the Corid water.

    If you happen to lose another one, it is a very good idea that you send the bird for testing/necropsy you can find your state lab on this list, if you need help looking it up let us know what state you are in and we can give you contact info
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    I can't think of anything they could have gotten into. But yes, it was a tractor and they went all around the yard. Their food is fine. No mold. But I'm sure what could have been in the yard to get them sick.

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