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Jul 26, 2014
Hi. This was a sad day one of my chickens died . I was hoping to revive her- no luck. It started out that she had a limp. And progressively got worse. When I checked on her this morning her calm was dark red and she seem to be very slow and uncomfortable. After returning home from work I found her dead. I'm not sure if the other chickens killed her or if there's some sickness I need to be worried about. I'm sorry for the graphic graphic photos

Also what do I do to protect the other birds ? If it is a disease ?

If her neck is limp does they mean she broke her neck?
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I'm very sorry for your loss.
Your best option for finding out why your bird died is to have a necropsy done. If you still have her and refrigerate her body you can do that.
If not, then this will be for future reference. Here is a list of labs by state:
If the other chickens had attacked her there would be obvious signs and wounds. All chickens necks go limp when they die. There are many possibilities for what happened to her. Could be organ failure, infection from virus or bacteria, cancer, internal laying issues, etc. Those are general suggestions based on knowing nothing else about your bird. Only way to know for sure is a necropsy.

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