Dead Chicken with Blood from Mouth

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    Sadly today when I went to check on our 3 Rhode Island Reds I found one of them at the coop entrance laying upside down dead. She had blood around her head, looks like it was coming from her mouth and maybe her eyes. There was blood around her head and her neck was at an odd angle but I am unsure if it was broken. The other 2 chickens were in the run kind of freaked out but seem to be okay when I checked them. I do not think this was from a predator but really not sure. This was the smaller of the 3 RIR's that we have and one of them (we aren't sure which but I believe it was the one that passed) has not been laying eggs for a few months now. When we got them we were told they were about a year old and that has just been a little over a year now so we believe they are now around 2 1/2 years old, but I am starting to think she may of been older. I am just worried about why she died now. Is it from a predator? We will check and re-enforce the coop from here on out but it seems pretty secure..if not a predator then what else was it? Is it something the other chickens could get? Are the eggs safe to eat? Just not sure if it was her time or if something else is going on. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated and helpful. I am still in shock and saddened about her passing!

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