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    Jan 29, 2011
    Hi all, my name is Jason.
    I was wondering if anyone could help me. Today I went out to my coop and found one of my ISA brown chickens dead in the nesting boxes. I currently have 6 birds (5 now), 3 differant ages. The coop is covered and about 3mtX3mt and they have an outdoor run a little bigger than that. The bedding area is closed in and about 1/2mt off the ground and is about 1.5mtX1.5mt with nesting boxes of the side. I live in victoria, Australia. It is summer but the temp. has not gone over 28 degres celcius recently and night time temps. aren't too cold. I culled 2 chickens in november and then introduced 2 more not long after. The 2 new chickens were points of lay and fitted in well. When I introduced the 2 new birds I noticed that the older birds feathers were a lot lighter, one in perticular was nearly light cream colour all over. This is the chicken I found dead. I belive that this is the bird that I thought was broody but not sure. Around the the same time I noticed one of the older chickens voice was gone. When I looked up the forums most people said it might be worms. So I wormed the chooks through their water supply. That chook still has not got her voice back. All other chickens voices are ok. The egg production was down too, 2-3 eggs a day. I thought between the worms and posibly a couple of chooks off the lay its ok. But I'm still only getting 2 mabye 3 eggs per day. Also noticed tiny little bugs (thousands of them) when I cleaned out the coop. Thought they were lice or mites so I sprayed . Next time I cleaned the coop they were gone. When I cleaned the coop and sanitised after finding the dead bird the bugs were back. There was no signs of damage to the dead chickens body, no odd shapes, nothing in the vent and nothing stuck in the mouth. They eat layer pellets, egg shells, food scraps, grass and garden clippings and anything they can dig up. There water supply is from a self replenishing water container that gravity feeds to drinking nipples. All birds appear to use the waterer. We do get a lot of wild birds getting in and out of the coop but that hasn't bothered them before. I've had chickens for about 2 years and they were caged birds. If the woman that sold me the birds is telling the truth that they are points of lay the dead bird would be about 2.5 years old.
    The chickens aren't pets but I dont want the chooks to suffer.
    Sorry if this is alot of rambling but I thought the more info the better.
    Thanks in advance,
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    The lice or mites might be the whole problem; if they are bad enough they can kill a bird. One treatment will not solve the problem. At a minimum, they have to be retreated in a couple of weeks because the first treatment will not kill the eggs, which will then hatch. You also have to do a thorough cleaning of the coop, wash and spray, change litter, etc. You may have to repeat all this a few times to really get it under control. They are a real pain when they get a good foothold.

    Here's some more info. Good luck.
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    Hello and I'm so glad you're here and I should say [​IMG]

    So sorry you've lost your hen. The advice from ddawn seems spot on. The only thing I might add is to check that nipple waterer. Some birds get enough water that way while others do not. To check this simply put a bowl of water in their midst and see how many of them gather round and drink heartily. If so then the nipple waterer is inadequate. As it is summer there now your birds might be in need of an enhanced water supply.

    Definitely follow all the steps to get rid of the lice.

    Good luck and let us know.

  4. jvetesi

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    Jan 29, 2011
    Wow, what a great forum.
    Thankyou, ddawn and missjenny for such a fast reply.
    I'm treating the coop and birds for lice/mites and watching the water usage. Hope all goes well.
    I would still love to find peoples take on the voice issue.
    Thankyou again,

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