Dead chickens, was it the heat or tampered water/feed

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    I talked with my mom about a week ago on the phone and was asking how her chickens were doing that my step-dad bought. She said she would of rather had some silkies which I'm assuming the four chickens they had weren't tame. She had a mental chicken as a kid that rode on her bike with her so she probably wanted some to handle.
    Well anyway back to what I was going to say was that she said they died. They had them in a area that was in the shade. They take good care of their animals. She said one pair died one day and then the other pair died the next day. She said they had been healthy and showed no signs of illness. She told me that it was 99 degrees the day they died but they had fans running through the wire on the coop to cool them down while giving them cold water. It doesn't seem like four healthy chickens would die that easy. Ours did fine in the heat around the same temp. as long as they had cool water and shade.
    I asked her if anyone complained about them and she said no and that their quail were still alive. My step-dad bought the banties to hatch quail eggs out but they were sold in pairs at a auction. Most of the neighbors get along with them really well except my step-dad's brother that lives next door. They were wondering if he did something but he was out of state.
    Could someone of messed with them or was it the heat? They didn't see any signs of mites and kept the cages cleaned and had fresh food and water daily. They also had fans on them which I don't see to many people actually take the time to do other than people on here. I asked if the roosters crowed much and she said not really.
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    It doesn't sound like heat. It's that hot here, and while they get hot and pant, I've never lost one to heat. Shade, water and a fan should do the trick. There are some diseases that could be the cause Could they have gotten into something poisonous, maybe something in a compost bin, or even moldy or old feed (could some feed have gotten wet then dried?) Poison of course could do it, too, though you'd think they would all die the same day. Any rat poison around, or could they have eaten mice who had died of old fashioned warfarin rat poison? If you're sayign the banties were recently bought at auction, I suppose the previous owner could have known they were sick.

    Sorry this happened.

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