Dead chicks, dead eggs, missing chicken (long story).

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    Dead chicks, dead eggs, missing chickens.

    Had an Easter Egger disappear a couple of months ago, after discovering a a mess of feathers we assumed something got her. Another Easter Egger disappeared about a week later.

    Couple weeks after that we found a dead chicken in the backyard. Never could figure out how it ended up out of the coop and enclosure after dark.

    This evening I hear our little pound mutt barking in an unusual way. Look out the window and he's barking at and pawing at sheet of 6 mil black plastic that we have had stretched over an area behind our house to kill weeds and keep the weeds down while we plan to put an arbor and flag stones in the area.

    I was thinking the dog maybe cornered a snake of mouse until I saw a little chicken head poke out of a hole in the plastic. Pulled the plastic back and there's the first missing chicken sitting on about 10 eggs.

    Wifey wasn't too keen on having chickens living under black plastic sheeting so she pulled most of it up and collected the eggs.

    About 10 minutes we notice the newly evicted hen crawling under another bit of plastic.....pulled that up and found her sitting on another 10 eggs, of a different size (much larger), along with one dead chick.

    We're guessing the second batch of eggs must have been from the dead hen we found in the backyard. No idea how long the lone hen had been trying to care for two batches of eggs.

    Anyway, we had had a very cool Summer, until a couple of days ago when we had our two hottest days of the year (over 100F), so I have a feeling the eggs probably cooked to death, but to be on the safe side we brought the eggs in and put them in the incubator.

    These hens hiding under the plastic sure explains why my wife says she was hearing weird sounds outside at night, was probably a predator looking for the hen.

    Crazy chickens.
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    Crazy chickens indeed! You'll have to let us know if you get any chicks to hatch. Poor girls worked so hard for that!

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