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Nov 12, 2009
Is Anyone, Else Having Problems Receiving Dead Chicks From Ideal Poultry , Ordered 2 Times And Both Times All Cks Arrived Doa, And Also A Day Late,,,,usps Tracking Shows The Cks Were Not Put Into The Mail Stream Until 8pm , Supposedly On The Day Of Hatch, That Leads Me To Belive They Are Sitting In Distribution Center Over Night And Then Shipping Out The Next Day, Therfore Arriving Here In Georgia A Day Late And Dead.......just Wondering If Anyone Else Is Having Problems,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks Ru 53,,,,georgia,,,usa
I'm sorry for your lose, but ordering chicks in the winter is risky. You accept that responsibility once you order them knowing that the temps are cold. If the temps are not that cold at your location, they may be elsewhere along the route. With all this snow all over the country, mail is being delayed due to weather. It's just a risk you take. Sorry.
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I don't know that temps killed the one that I got - I mean, we are in the 20's with 18 inches of snow coming down and this little guy looks like he was weak to begin with. All the others are actually thriving so much they are starting to chest-bump each other. If I had to order again this time of year, I would.
I got mine in 16 Hrs! They sent the email at 1845 Wedneday night and I got the phone call at 1000 Thursday Morning! All great and doing great a week later. It has to be the PO. This weather we been having is crazy!!!!! I hope you have better Luck next Time!

Good Luck and God Bless!

Sorry for your losses, but if your temps are below freezing, I'd expect it and not ask them to replace them until it gets warmer.
Just think about it logically. Chicks need high heat the first couple weeks of life. And you take those just-hatched chicks, put them in a box for three days in cold mail trucks and you will have losses. It'd be a miracle if you didn't lose a bunch in this frigid weather.

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