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    Apr 10, 2017
    So a couple days ago I bought 2 baby chicks (the were probably a couple weeks old, they already had feathers on their wings) from my local farm store and my broody silkie adopted them without a problem. The silkie had already been sitting on 5 fertile eggs which were a few days over due so I decided to just buy a couple chicks and see what happened. Well, the first night the chicks had spent with their new mama went wonderful, s chick had even decided to hatch and greet its new friends! Last night, another chick decided to hatch and when I went to the coupe this morning to check on the little ones, one of the chicks I had bought and a newly hatched chick had passed away. When I went into the coupe, one of the chicks I had bought was sprawled out on the coupe completely wet, and the new baby looked like it had been squished because it was a little bit flat. I was a bit upset because I don't know why this happened, does anybody know why they died and if there's anything I could do o prevent something like this happening in the future? Thanks.

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    If they were sprawled out and flattened then it's highly likely the mother hen stood on them. It's very sad but it does happy. Once I had a hen hatch out 3 perfectly healthy chicks. The next morning I went out and all three had fallen out of the nest and had died of the cold. It was very upsetting :).
    Hopefully the other one you bought will be ok.

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